Luxury Vacation Rentals in Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island Luxury Beach Villa Rentals

You've made the decision to go to Kiawah Island. Congratulations! You've chosen one of the exceptional beach destinations in the United States. Located just 25 miles from historic Charleston, SC, Kiawah offers a world-class vacation experience with everything you could imagine and more. Premier golf courses, lazy rivers for paddleboarding and kayaking and did we mention expansive beaches that will work their way between your toes and into your heart. Hike or bike to your hearts content. Explore beautiful neighborhoods shaded by moss-laden trees or hit the shoreline to frolic in the surf. Every day is its own reward on Kiawah. Dining to meet every taste and lifestyle. The only problem? At the end of your stay you have to go home! But if you're like many of our guests, visit with us once and you'll look forward to returning year after year.

What makes our properties different?

In a word, luxury. We own three penthouse properties on the best Kiawah beach, all with fantastic balcony views. Each was renovated from the studs, re-engineered with architects and interior designers to exacting specifications. Unlike the cookie-cutter condominiums typical of beach resorts, those of you who appreciate finer things will love it here! Carefully chosen colors, exquisite decorations and subtle details will feel more like home than away.

Meet your host, Maxine.

One of the units you could rent is her own destination in paradise. Each unit and the details of your Kiawah experience are a reflection of her desire for your visit to simply be the finest beach vacation you'll ever have. Maxine shares her love for Kiawah in ways that other owners won't. Want to know where to eat? Maxine has you covered, not only with specific recommendations but the name of the manager, so as her guest you'll get a table even when other visitors can't. In the unlikely event you need help, she's only a phone call away. Need something special? You won't talk with a generic operator who has never even been to Kiawah. You start as a guest with Maxine but very quickly realize you've become one of her special friends.